#034 - Laura Berger

#034 - Laura Berger


Destination: Lima, Peru
Date: 23 - 29 May, 2017

About the print:
± 50 x 70 cm 
Colours: 4 colour silkscreen print 
50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist
(frame not included)


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A little word by Laura Berger


“The contrast and combination between modern and ancient was probably the first thing that struck me in Lima. I loved checking out the different districts and seeing the contrast in vibes and architecture. Barranco is filled with colonial buildings and colorful walls. Meanwhile the city is perched on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, so there's also this beautiful green, lush parkway that runs alongside the coast. There's a real sense of deep respect for the heritage of the country. It was very inspiring for me to notice how the colors in the city bumped up against each other and created amazing combinations. There's also often a tendency to think of huge cities as feeling less friendly or being more dangerous, but I had the exact opposite experience in Lima.

Since I really like to use pattern and repetition and reflection in my work, I was very inspired by the amazing textiles that I saw. Rather than incorporating painted textiles into my figurative scenes, I liked the idea of creating a visual pattern with the human form and shaping them into a sort of ‘textile’ of their own. I enjoyed thinking about the concept of a tapestry as a weaving of different elements together, which seemed reflective of the integration that I sensed in the city. Integrating present and past, different cultures and traditions, and the holding and honoring of all of this together in a modern space.



Travel diary

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I’m packed up and off on my adventure- this will be my first solo trip to South America! ✈️ t-minus 15 hours to Lima, Peru… is breakfast ceviche a thing?? 🐠🦐

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day One

I spent my first day in Lima wandering around Miraflores, the district where I’m staying. My little hotel is lovely and has upside down flowers on the trees. I visited a small museum of these incredible ancient textiles; the last one is made of feathers. Had ceviche, causas, and a pisco sour for lunch at a cool little spot 😋🦐and then made my way down to the oceanfront for a bit. The city sits on the coast and it’s entirely lined with beautiful parks - looking forward to hanging out there some more. I’m immediately most struck and inspired by the contrasts that can be seen everywhere here but meld so beautifully together- between ancient and modern, the natural spaces and industrial vibe, and the mix of all of the different cultural influences in the cuisine.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Day Two

Walked through the city to the Parque Kennedy. I could spend all day just wandering and looking at the different styles of architecture, colors, and patterns. There are tons of kitties that live in the park and they were all lounging around like this guy. I learned yesterday that the feline was one of the three sacred animals of ancient Peru, the others being the bird and the serpent. Spent a few amazing hours in ceramic heaven at the Museo Larco and got to see their famous erotic collection from the pre-Colombian era which was also inclusive of sexy animals and afterlife sexy times as well. The food is serious business here and I am happy to get on board with that; I ate a really beautiful meal with many fishes served on rocks. Had a chilcano at an old-school taberna with all the dudes watching soccer. So far I’ve pretty consistently been the only solo lady in the joint on this trip. People have been expressing concern about that to me, which I initially misinterpreted as safety concerns; rather they just want to make sure I’m not lonely! But I’m doing ok :)


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day Three
Today I was in the Centro Historico of Lima which has a different energy about it. I enjoyed checking out all of the beautiful colonial buildings and visited some parks and the Museo de Arte. Had a pisco sour with addictive canchitas and saw Huaca Pucllana, the ruins of an ancient ceremonial center that sit right in the middle of the city with condo buildings all around.


Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day Four

Today I am in Barranco, which was once a beach resort area and is now a bohemian district with lots of galleries, artists, and musicians. There are lots of older homes in so many amazing colors- I love how they bump up against one another and create these great combinations - I’ve been snapping photos of them all day :)

I’m lucky to have snagged a spot to stay in the house of Victor Delfín, a well-known Peruvian artist. The house sits at the end of a quiet residential block on a cliff overlooking the ocean and it’s filled with a huge body of his paintings and sculptures - you can wander the grounds just checking it all out, and his studio is also onsite which I will visit tomorrow. To be able to stay in an artist’s space and be surrounded by so much of their work as well as as the furnishings in their home feels incredibly intimate and special and it’s been really good for my spirit.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Day Five

For my last day in Lima, I spent the morning hanging out at the place I’m staying. The ocean makes me feel calm and I wanted to just relax there a little and take some time to think and draw. I got to see Victor Delfín’s studio which overlooks the sea on the grounds here. He’s 89 and still making work. Having an oceanside studio and never stopping working are both goals of mine so it was very inspiring to be in this space.

Then I went in search of one last ceviche lunch and I also had to eat these scallops. The food here is so beautiful visually as well as in my mouth. I popped into some shops and had one more museum visit to see some contemporary stuff, and then I got a pisco sour by the sea. It started misting in the evening. This city is wonderful, the people are open and genuine, and I’m already planning when I can come back and travel around more of beautiful Peru ❤️


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This is a picture of my new friend Segundo’s lovely hands and tiger blanket; he was my seatmate on the Lima leg of my flight home today. He was taking his first flight today at the age of 80, and everything about the process was new to him but he was totally just going for it and trusting in others to help him through. He said the flight was beautiful. I was very sad to part ways and I’m thinking of him a lot 🖤

I was so excited but also nervous for this trip. Travel is a priority for me and I’ve been lucky to do a lot of it in the last years but it’s always been with my partner- this is the first time I’ve gone alone since I got mugged at gunpoint on a trip awhile back. I knew this opportunity likely came along for a reason at the right time and I’m very grateful for it- I feel like it allowed me to really face down some fears and put some trust back in my ability to manage whatever the situation might be, and in the goodness of strangers to pick up the slack where I can’t. I saw so many amazing things, ate my weight in seafood, and my Spanish has gone from Remedial to RemedialPlus over the course of this week– being thrown into the fire is the best way! Thanks so much to The Jaunt for helping me to keep expanding myself and to everyone who is supporting this wonderful project ✨

Onward! Print making! And more solo travel! ❤️laura