#005 - Louise Rosenkrands

#005 - Louise Rosenkrands


Destination: Marrakech, Morocco
Date: 30 November- 04 December, 2013

About the print:
± 50 x 70 cm 
Colours: 3 colour silkscreen print 
50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist
(frame not included)

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A little word by Louise Rosenkrands


“I tried to not have any expectations at all for my trip, aside from experiencing a culture very different from my own. The friendliness of the Moroccan people made a big impression on me. As a Scandinavian, you’re really not used to people, who you don’t know, invite you for tea and a chat. I think the openness of other people, means that you loosen more up yourself. The first thing that struck me when I was back in Copenhagen, was how quiet it was in the streets compared to Marrakech.

The influence of the Berber culture is literally everywhere around you in Marrakech. It’s a proud, colorful and imaginative culture. I am very fascinated by the playfulness of the aesthetics. More is more in the Berber culture, and compared to the the simplicity of the ‘Scandinavian design’ wave it’s much more vibrant and alive. Most of the women I saw in Marrakech were very reserved and always in the background, but in the Berber culture the women are of high importance. For my print I chose to depict a proud Berber woman, not afraid to show her face and ‘bling’ to the world. The Berber women were, and to some extend still are, the core of the Berber culture.”



Travel diary

Sunday, December 1, 2013

This is one busy city! I’m blown away already! I left Copenhagen Saturday morning at 6:00 am, which is quite early for a freelance person, but as soon as I had my coffee in the airport , I was good to go.


The flight took aprox 3 hours and 30 min and I landed in Marrakech with great expectations - and they have all been fulfilled so far! The hotel is located just next to the big Djeema el Fna square where all sorts of crazy stuff is happening. I read somewhere they name means Courtyard of the Dead, because, well…they used to execute people here! Today it’s a happy place filled with monkeys on leashes, snake charmers and fresh orange juice sellers.

I had lunch nearby and headed into the Souks for a stroll. Had to watch my step though, because I was constantly being honked and yelled at by the scooters and donkey carts, who frequent the tiny alleys. Got lost too, like you should in a place like this, but the winding alleys took me back to the square eventually. Later I had dinner at the food stalls , which are set up each day after sunset. Amazing food and served very fast!

It was an early evening for me, because I got up at 3 in the morning, so this Sunday morning is a fresh start again!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Started the day with breakfast at the hotel and acquainted with the hotels residential cats at the terrace. One thing I noticed quickly, is the amount of stray cats everywhere. Some are more friendly and tame than others, some will shake your hand with their claws !!

Something you can’t say about the locals here. As a Scandinavian you are not used to people addressing you on the streets. And that really happens a lot here! Furthermore, I met and talked to friendly shopkeepers today, when I was looking at some of the lovely scarves hanging everywhere. I was invited inside for a The de Menthe, which is obligatory here and very tasty, and I had a nice chat about the differences of Morocco and Denmark.

I was then pointed to a nearby pharmacy where I was shown how they produce the famous Argan oil. The oil is made from the seeds of the Argan tree, which are eaten and passed through a goats intestines and then they pick up the dung and pick out the seeds, which are then pressed into oil!!! The stuff is supposed to be the best for both internal and external use. I bought some and was offered a complimentary neck massage by a woman. I floated out of the shop :-)

Visited the Bahia Palace and Dar Si Said museum. very beautiful and tranquil places. Had dinner at food stall #1 at Djemaa el fna square which is already my favourite one there. A wonderful and inspirational day indeed!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today was a bit of a slow day. I only planned to go to Nouvelle Ville, the newest and most ‘fashionable’ part of town. I went to the place where all the horse carriages are, near the big square Djemaa el Fna and bargained with a driver for at trip to Jardin Marjorelle, the house that Yves Saint Laurent used to own.

I told him “just a trip to Jardin Marjorelle” but he insisted about 5 times for me to on a longer trip round the city, even though I told him I already went those places. I eventually convinced him and got on board. Felt sorry for those horses - imagine the working hours they have, and the traffic here is really chaotic and noisy!!! The driver let me off at the Jardin, and tried again to convince me to go on a trip again after I visited the Jardin. 

The garden there was amazing and very exotic looking. Big cactus plants and even banana palms, which I’ve never seen in real life. There was also a little Berber museum there, which was the best museum I’ve seen so far. Really well explained and beautifully set up. The other museums here in town are bit shabby. But they are all interesting though, because of the tile patterns and decorations. Wasn’t allowed to take pictures in this museums, so sadly nothing to show you!

After the Jardin, I had lunch at a pretty spiffy Nouvelle Ville café. Very modern and with no charm whatsoever. I went back to my hotel after a little walk in Nouvelle Ville. I found it the least interesting part of town, apart from the Jardin of course. Had a nap a the hotel, before having a couscous dinner at a local place around the corner. 

For tomorrow I booked a full Hammam ritual at Hammam de la Rose. Really looking forward to that! 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So, today was my last day in the Red City. And I really must admit it has totally blown my mind in so many ways. My eyes have seen so many colors, patterns and faces, that I need to rest them for a long time!

I started the day with a full Hammam ritual at Hammam de la Rose in the Mouassine area, which I found to be my favourite part of town so far. Too bad I only spent one day here… The Hammam was really, really nice, although also a bit intimidating for a pale Scandinavian as myself. The ritual consisted of a wash with black eucalyptus soap, followed by a (really rough) scrub. At the end a nice long massage. I floated out of the door, completely newborn!

Had lunch at a nearby rooftop café, and headed out for some final gift shopping. Got some real good bargains here and ended up having tea with a young berber from Sahara, named Ridwan at a little shop. I bought some stuff at his shop and he dressed me up like a proper berber woman and I acquired the name Fatima. Although his english was very sparse, we managed to have some conversation and he learned me a few berber phrases.

The Jaunt has been a truly grand experience for me. So inspiring, that I barely know where to start. I will be no problem though, for me to create an artwork now - so much to draw from in this amazing and overwhelming city. I fly back tomorrow with a lighter heart and a full mind!

I can really recommend Marrakech to everyone, who wants to step out of their comfort zone! I most certainly did in a very positive way.


#005 - Louise Rosenkrands
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