Creative Catalyst
The Jaunt creates opportunities and possibilities for artists. The project allows artists to travel the world and find inspiration – not just during the trip, but lasting inspiration that hopefully permeates their entire artistic practise. The Jaunt’s mission is to catalyse progress and feed fresh insight into the creative process of our artists. The first step in this process is taking the artist out of their comfort zone and allowing them experience completely new surroundings.

Destination Worldwide
The concept is simple: we find an artist and send them on a trip to anywhere in the world that they have never been before. The artist then soaks up all of the local impressions and inspirations at their destination. From freshly brewed local coffee to small boutiques, neoclassical architecture, overcrowded tourist sights or whatever else comes across their path. The artists also document their adventures and impressions in a travel blog that can be followed online, which gives even more insight into the artist’s perspective. Each destination and artist is different, making each trip truly unique.

Hand Pulled Screen Print
After they return home from the trip, the artist channels all of the impressions into an artwork that is reproduced as a limited edition and handmade, screen print. It’s a unique travel document in the form of an artwork. But while you know which artist is going to which location, the limited-edition screen prints are sold before the artwork has been created. This allows you to contribute to making the inspiration possible, while experiencing the creative process from up close. All of our screen prints are proudly hand printed in a small printing studio in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. This studio is run by Joris Diks, who is the project’s master printer. Each artwork is reproduced in a limited edition run of 50 pieces, and personally signed and numbered by the artist.

Curator and travel planner
Jeroen Smeets founded The Jaunt and acts as the project’s curator and travel planner. With a background in art ranging from Editor-In-Chief to agent and gallery owner – and a variety of jobs in between – Jeroen started The Jaunt in early 2013 after talking to artists and hearing their repeated desire to travel the world. With The Jaunt he has found a way to fulfil their dreams.

Jaunt #007 - Jordy van den Nieuwendijk.JPG