If you’ve ever stepped on a skateboard, there's a good chance that you're familiar with Evan’s artwork and typography. His ability to capture the essence of landscapes and urban environments is unmatched. We are excited to send Evan out on his second Jaunt trip…

Artist: Evan Hecox
Denver, Colorado, USA

If you’ve ever stepped on a skateboard, there's a good chance that you're familiar with Evan’s work and typography. In his work, Evan captures the essence of landscapes and urban environments through a unique process, which involves careful, first-hand observations of his surroundings, and then progresses into drawings and paintings that are striking in their graphic simplicity. By including all the details of dirt grime and deterioration, Hecox captures the essence of big cities as well as the smaller towns into something aesthetically appealing.

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Destination: Guatemala
Dates: 17-23 October, 2019

Located deep in the Guatemalan rainforest you will find the ancient city of Tikal, once the capital and most prosperous city of the Mayan empire. Archaeologists estimate that the Maya settled in this area in about 900 BC, and was once populated by up to 100.000 people. Nowadays, only the ruins of the temples, pyramids and other structures remain. Several of the temples top the treelines of the rainforest and provide nothing short of stunning views all across rainforest.




The Jaunt is combining the two best things in life: art and travel. We are sending contemporary artists all over the world for inspiration and new impressions. Because nothing is more inspiring than stepping out of your comfort zone.


With the newly found inspiration and impressions, the artist create a new artwork which we print in a limited edition. We sell the prints sight unseen, before the artist goes on his travel. You only know which artist is going to which location.


You can take part in the inspiration process of the artist, and pre-order a print from one of our upcoming trips. Stay up to date with the artists on their travels through our blog and get a beautiful art work in return, at a very affordable price.


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