THE JAUNT #054: Scott albrecht

In collaboration with The Holdout, we are excited to announce that Scott Albrecht is the inaugural artist of a new artist residency on the Portuguese Silver Coast. Join us on a trip to this beautiful oasis and be a witness to the creative process of Scott Albrecht…


Artist: Scott Albrecht
Destination: The Holdout, Alcobaça, Portugal
Dates: 16 April - 7 May, 2019

Details about the print:
± 50 x 70 cm 
Colours: 3 colour silkscreen print 
50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist
Expected shipping: First week of July 2019
Price: 75€ (+shipping)

Artist: Scott Albrecht
Within the work of Scott Albrecht, a large part of his approach involves abstracting typography and exploring an idea in a more visual or physical way. Through various approaches, the shapes, forms and relationships within each work are informed by letters and characters from an underlying message within the piece. It’s intentional that these works alter the relationship a viewer has with its legibility in an attempt to shift from simply reading and consuming a message to experiencing and considering an idea through a more visual language. Scott Albrecht is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

More work of Scott can be found on his website:


Destination: The Holdout, Alcobaça, Portugal

The Holdout is an art residency on the Silver Coast of Portugal, just north of Lisbon, brought to you by the people of Andenken Gallery. The land of little farms and epic coastlines, the home of giant waves and soft sandy beaches. The art residency is a project of Andenken Gallery, and is opening its doors in 2019. Scott Albrecht is the inaugural artist and will spend a total of three weeks at the residency to get inspired and create a new body of work which will be exhibited at the concluding exhibition at the end of the residency. Alongside the exhibition we will release a limited edition silkscreen print.  

The Holdout is brought to you by Andenken Gallery.





The Jaunt is combining the two best things in life: art and travel. We are sending contemporary artists all over the world for inspiration and new impressions. Because nothing is more inspiring than stepping out of your comfort zone.


With the newly found inspiration and impressions, the artist create a new artwork which we print in a limited edition. We sell the prints sight unseen, before the artist goes on his travel. You only know which artist is going to which location.


You can take part in the inspiration process of the artist, and pre-order a print from one of our upcoming trips. Stay up to date with the artists on their travels through our blog and get a beautiful art work in return, at a very affordable price.


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