THE JAUNT #058: summer camp

We have invited four artists to join us on our Summer Camp, Linnéa Andersson, Boicut, Laura Callaghan and Andy Welland. We will spend our days together, exploring our new surroundings, sharing stories and getting inspired with and by each other.

Artist: Linnéa Andersson
Gothenburg, Sweden

In her paintings, Linnéa Andersson has an ongoing investigation of how to describe an emotion without words. Working from her studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, she is mediating a human language without a human expression, through the shapes and forms of an abstract leaf. The leaves speak to Linnéa, writing her diary through their wobbly shape and the space in between them and the outline of the canvas.

Artist: Boicut
Vienna, Austria

Since his early days, Boicut’s work has been inspired by popular culture, skateboarding, urban environments and the beauty of mundane objects. His work explores the relation between illustration and abstract elements through impulsive lines and shapes, forever trying to find that perfect balance.

Artist: Laura Callaghan
London, United Kingdom

Through the use of watercolours, gouache and pen Laura Callaghan portrays strong and independent women. In her delicate line work Laura captures her characters full of emotion and in every day situations mixed in with lush plants, fashionable patterns, and childhood memorabilia.

Artist: Andy Welland
Sheffield, United Kingdom

After art school, Andy Welland immersed himself right away into the heart of London’s advertising agency scenery with a job at the well known M&C Saatchi. Afterwards he established his own design practice as an art director. Recognized for his vivid and vibrant graphic collage work which explores shape, form, motifs and cultural totems that find the balance between simplicity and complexity.





The Jaunt is combining the two best things in life: art and travel. We are sending contemporary artists all over the world for inspiration and new impressions. Because nothing is more inspiring than stepping out of your comfort zone.


With the newly found inspiration and impressions, the artist create a new artwork which we print in a limited edition. We sell the prints sight unseen, before the artist goes on his travel. You only know which artist is going to which location.


You can take part in the inspiration process of the artist, and pre-order a print from one of our upcoming trips. Stay up to date with the artists on their travels through our blog and get a beautiful art work in return, at a very affordable price.


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