#051 - Andrew Schoultz

#051 - Andrew Schoultz


Destination: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 17 - 24 January, 2019

About the print:
± 50 x 70 cm 
Colours: 4 colour silkscreen print 
50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist

** This print first ships on July 9th.

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A little word by Andrew…


“I expected Barcelona to be a very urban environment that has really amazing architecture, and is a really perfect city to skateboard in. It definitely fulfilled those expectations and so much more. I managed to cover quite a lot of ground while I was there, but to be honest, fives days was far too little to even scratch the surface of this city. I have travelled to European cities quite extensively so it definitely reminded me of aspects of many of the other places I have been too. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that we needed to be very watchful over our wallets and phones. But all in all, Barcelona was a very vibrant city, there is so much going on at all times.

The one thing that made the most impression on my trip was the visit to La Sagrada Familia (Guadi's Cathedral). Words can not really describe what a crazy place this is. You have to experience it in person. The print I created was directly influenced by the stained glass windows at the Cathedral. I instinctively knew when I experienced that place that it was exactly what I wanted to reference in my print. The way the light reflects through the windows into the inside of the Cathedral really captures a certain feeling of the place. These bright lights shining into, what feels like a dark place that is weighted with history. That vibe really resonates with me and feels very relevant today.

I feel the inspiration I felt from going to this place will last a very long time, and there will be definite traces of that inspiration visible in my work.”



Travel diary

Sunday, January 20, 2019


My Friends Brad, Eric and I arrived here in a Friday afternoon. To my pleasant surprise, My German friends Patrick and David would be meeting us for the first night here in BCN. Patrick arranged us a nice car service from the airport, which was lucky for us, because currently there is taxi cab strike here. We did not waste any time. We checked in to our apartment, and immediately hit the streets walking. Our first destination for the evening was the world famous MACBA, Art Museum and Skate epicenter. This was a short walk from our apartment, which was very exciting to us. Despite the fact that it was getting dark, the place was absolutely cracking with activity… Skateboarders, people dining and drinking, and just hanging out. In an hours  time, i could feel a very distinct vibrant vibe to the city. Something very unique is going on here. There is so much activity and energy everywhere. If its this cracking in the middle of the winter here, i can only imagine what it may be like in the summer.  

At a first glance, the architecture, some what reminds me of Milan or parts of Italy, but with a way more tropical vibe and a little bit more detail. By nights end, we had walked the city for 12 miles, had a great meal with our German friends, and welcomed our other friend Osei, who arrived later in the day from the states. Even though it is quite cold for, our California blood, the excitement of being here made it totally bearable. I am totally looking forward to cruising around the city on our skateboards tomorrow, and seeing what we might find….

#1 Patrick meeting us at check in
#2 A library here. I love this castle like architecture.
#3 My first 360 flip at MACBA. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

After a long first night here in Barcelona and some pretty severe jet lag, we woke up a little later than we had wanted to , and did not hit the streets until around 2 pm. Amazingly enough the amazing skate spot, Parra’ Lel is just 2 blocks from the front door of our apartment, so we decided to go hit that spot first. We skated down there in just under two minutes. What a nice skate spot. Very smooth and vast flatground, and some nice ledges and cement blocks. Super fun spot.The place was cracking with many people skateboarding, eating food, and also kids playing stick ball. We quickly met a couple of locals who were very nice, and welcoming. For me, it is so nice to see these simple public plazas being utilized to the fullest by many different walks of life. We skated for a few hours and then headed back to the apartment.

It was Saturday night, so of course, we were planning to hit the city and see the night life. Everywhere you walk around the city there are amazing things to see. I really love seeing old brick walls, old buildings, old monuments and statues, and Barcelona provides this every step of the way. I have been heavily influenced by this type of stuff over the years, and you can see the effects very clearly in my work. I love how plentiful it is around the city. 

We walked around taking photos on our way to find a dinner spot.  We found an excellent little place with a little tent set up in the parkway right next to a stage, with live drumming music playing. There is a very amazing energy that fills the air here, a hustle and bustle around every corner, which is awesome. However, we also quickly learned, that you must really be aware of your surroundings. There are shady people trying to hustle you everywhere as well.  If you blink too long, you will definitely find your phone missing, or wallet for that matter. My friend Brad learned this lesson the hard way. 


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Day 3 we woke up kind of late again, which was OK cause it was raining hard, dreary, and cold outside… Our Jet lag was also still pretty harsh… We decided to start the day slow, and planned to walk down to the Picasso Museum. We took our time walking there from our apartment… weaving through the small little streets in the Gothic district. So many cool little details to look at. The history of the past is ever present on the faces of all the buildings and streets. My friend  Osei Key was very busy taking photos of everything and anything…. The thing is, for us, it could take us hours just to walk a short distance because there is just so much to look at and take pictures of…  But we also realized that the museum closes at 7 - so we needed to pick up the pace and get there…  The Picasso museum is really just so amazing. What can I really say that hasn’t already been said… But WOW! I really loved everything about it…  So many works there that I never have seen before…. You really realize when you are there how prolific the guy really was… This being a small fraction of his life’s work…  And there is so much there…..  I left the place feeling incredibly inspired, with some ideas that may influence the print I will make for the trip…  This evening we decided we would take it easy and try to get to bed at a reasonably hour in hopes of waking the next day early and put a full day in, on the streets… 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Day 4- Trip Log- Barcelona

We planned to wake up early on this Monday and put a full day in on the streets Skateboarding and filming… The jet lag was still terrible- None of us slept at all, but we still managed to wake up and get out on the streets by 9:30am . It was cold and damp out, and the puddles of water from the previous days rain were still lingering….

We were all pretty hyped to skate so, we just decided to go all out anyway… We began the day at the awesome spot 2 blocks from the apartment called Parra'lel.  The place was looking in bad shape… Puddles everywhere, as well as a lot of broken glass..  It took a long time for us to warm up, but after about a half hour Osei managed to get a couple tricks, and I managed to get a nice a single trick and a line. Eric was filming and having a good time with it. Brad was watching all our stuff…. The one thing that becomes really obvious quick, is that all these spots in Barcelona are incredibly photogenic. The place looks so good on film.  

We wanted to hit a lot of spots today, so we quickly moved on to the next spot, which would be MACBA. I was already soaked in sweat, and the weather there was pretty a pretty hard transition for our California blood. In the sun while moving you would heat up very quickly, and then immediately upon stopping, you would be sweaty wet, and the air all around is pretty cold…  The last I wanted to happen was to get sick… Anyway- we got to MACBA and Osei immediately had an idea for a two trick line, which he started to try. He took some pretty hard slams and we decided it was time for lunch…. There are several little cafe’s right on the plaza at MACBA, so we decided to hit one up. It is such a cool people watching experience hanging out at MACBA. Sitting down enjoying some food and watching the different characters coming through was pretty awesome.  

We sat there for about an hour and then decided we would be venturing out kind of far to this area outside of the city where there was this park full of natural Brick embankments. I knew the spot from seeing it in videos.  It took a while to get there. Wow, the the train system in BCN is so efficient, trains come every minute here, so nice. We got to the spot. It was such a beautiful looking spot. Multi color brick banks as far as the eye can see. They were quite rough but still very fun to skate. Osie and I started trying to get tricks. Osie landed two rad tricks really quickly and ran off to go get celebratory beers. I, on the other hand was struggling to land mine.. After many many tries, i finally landed something… At this point, it was time to hit the train back home, and figure out dinner. We had walked by this place several times in the previous days called Pachuko. There was always a line of people waiting to get in… We walked by this time and it was a bit empty, so we hit up. I think it was the best Margarita i ever had in my life. And the carnitas tacos were insane as well. I immediately knew what all the crowds were there for.. After a long day skating we headed back to the apartment and kept it chill for the evening.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Day 5 trip log - Barcelona

We woke up on Day 5 at a reasonable hour, and it was freezing cold outside, overcast, and dreary.. We decided that we would take it a bit easy that day, and just go check out the Gaudi cathedral, aka La Familia Sagrada. After a short train ride, we arrived there. All I can really say is that my mind was immediately blown. Words can not really describe what an awesome piece of art and experience this place is, so i am not going to try. I will let some of the pictures do the talking.

This was a life changing experience for me in a lot of ways. I left this place feeling incredibly inspired, and most importantly, with some new ideas and perhaps some new directions to go in with my own work. If you ever in your life have the opportunity to go to this place, i highly recommend it. Whether you are religious or not, this artistic structure is one of the most beautifully intense experiences i have ever had the privilege of witnessing, and I do not say that lightly. The best 17 euros I have ever spent. 

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