Where can I see the screen print that I’m going to buy?
We sell our prints at sight unseen – which means you’re in for a surprise! Prior to the trip you only know which artist is going to which location. You won’t know what the print looks like before you receive it in the mail.

I missed one of the trips, but I would still like to buy the print. How do I do this?
You might want to be a little bit more pro-active next time! Luckily for you we have our Print Archive where you can find and purchase any of the remaining prints that we’ve made over the years.

When and where do you announce new trips?
We announce each of our trips through our newsletter (sign up below), and on Instagram and Facebook.

Where do you make your prints?
We are very happy and proud to have found a great printing partner in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The printing studio is run by Joris Diks who’s responsible for nearly all of our prints from our European artists. When we work with American artists, our prints are made by Elizabeth Kovach, from Chicago, IL.

How and when will I receive my print?
The artist starts to create their artwork once they return from their trip. When we announce a new trip, we give an estimated shipping date. We strive to deliver the prints within 2-3 months after the artist has returned from their trip. You will be updated through our newsletter if the estimated shipping date will not be met.

Who is paying for all the trips?
You are! You help fund the flights, accommodation, per diems, logistics and everything else that it takes to run this project, simply by ordering a print. Most importantly, you help an artist to find their inspiration, while becoming a part of their creative process.

I’m an artist and I love to travel, how can I participate in your project?
We do not have an open application process. We pay close attention to a variety of artists and when the time is right we invite the artists to join our project. Keep working and make sure your work gets out there and maybe one day we’ll be in touch.

How do you choose the locations for the trips?
We try to travel off the beaten path, go to new places and explore new parts of the world. The most important criterion is that the artist has never visited the location before. Other than that, it can be anywhere – a city trip, a cabin in the woods, a road trip, or hiking in the mountains.

General information
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can always reach us at